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On going ethics

Why and how to form journalists to professional ethics

by Nathalie Dollé

The three booklets published in 2009 deals with journalism education: initial and continuing formation, the study of ethics (this booklet) and some examples of the formation provided in the world .

Why training journalists with professional ethics ?

Because it is constitutive of the profession’s identity.

The ethical and deontological principles are the major « fundamentals rules » of the profession.

How to train journalists with professional ethics ?

An ideal is to start the formation in school and pursue by during continuing education even if ethics is a concern that every journalist should handle daily.

If it is to raise the journalists and their hierarchy’s awareness with professional ethics, guaranteeing a search for quality information, this will hopefully become the subject of a constant search in the whole world of media to defend the press and serve democracy.

Published on 27 August 2009
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