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Media regulation

Do editorial offices have a soul?

Society of editors, society of journalists

by Bertrand Verfaillie

The three booklets published in 2008 deals with journalism’s regulation, following the example of what Claude Jean Bertrand called « M.A.R.S » (Media Accountability and Responsability System).

« Societies of Journalists » or « Societies of Editors » were established in France, after the Second World War and aimed at making the journalistical skills exists in an independent way, as money capital.

Exclusively French organizations, at least under that appellation, the « Societies of Journalists » may have various forms but all have the role of interlocutor between journalists and management authorities. It’s goal is first and foremost to represent and defend, that may be why they are more active during periods of crisis or when the media is facing a conflict.

Whether it seems natural that journalists are organized within an entity of their own, the practice in France showed that these societies are not as durable as one might think.

Published on 15 March 2008
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