International Alliance of Journalists
What's the Alliance ?

An alliance for whom, for what?

It is widely acknowledged that the state of journalism today has reached a low point. It’s also acknowledged that individual journalists themselves fare no better. The situation has been analyzed and written about, with a substantial body of evidence emerging. The evidence can be quite disheartening, pushing many to desolation.

At the same time, throughout the world a growing number of journalists are acting individually and in groups to create a body of critical thought and action on the issues of journalistic responsibility and ethics.

The “freedom” to inform correctly cannot be separate from the concepts of “right” and “duty”, both closely linked with “responsibility”. For that reason the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH) has been supporting, since 2004, the development of a dynamic international group for reflection and action on the theme of “responsible information”.

This space will be first and foremost a constructive one, promoting exchange, dialogue, and the sharing of experiences. The goal is to create a base of collective knowledge and power to help influence journalistic practices. The group will refuse sectarianism, dogmatism and ideology. This alliance will refrain from advocating a single new model vis-a-vis the dominant model, and instead will focus on promoting a variety and diversity of approaches.

Based on the convergence of professional and human values, the general themes of responsibility and journalism will be experienced in working groups by the acceptance of views to be challenged and debated.

This process will be put in place for the duration, the alliance is open to all who wish to become part of it.

Published on 2 May 2011
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