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North America-Brasil-China-Italy-Maghreb

by Collectif

The three booklets published in 2009 are dealing with journalism education : initial and continuing formation, the study of ethics and some examples of journalism formation provided in the world (this booklet).

Journalism education in the five regions of the world here presented, illustrate the diversity of professional situations.

North America have to face the challenge levelled to its media, which is to regain credibility.

The Brazilian press’ pursuit of independence involves rethinking journalism education in this youthful country.

China is a moving society out of which traditional media and online news are thrown in a disproportionate extension.

Italy has a special position within Europe through its access to the journalistic profession which do depends on the only editors’ will.

The Maghreb is a region for which we need to deal with the recognition of the profession before talking about journalism education.

Without being judgemental, this booklet is just looking forward to strengthening common ties to all the professionals of journalism.

Published on 27 August 2009
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